A high precision electronic weigh bridge of 30 ton capacity is installed in the industry premises to ensure spot weighing of raw paddy and products ready for delivery.The weigh bridge enables to handle continuous flow of raw material and finished products without delay.


World-class high technologyrice processing machinery manufactured by FawlerWestrupindia Pvt. Ltd. which is a collaboration with Westrup A/S, Denmark and Oliver Manufacturing Co. Inc. USA, versatile and proven around the world.


The Boiler is manufactured by Veesons Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer and supplier of boilers and small power plants, Trichy, India. . They are the suppliers for BHEL. Manufacture of Utility Boiler in the world is the basic strength of Veesons. The industry has installed Automatic paddy drier manufactured by Micron Engineering,KarnadMulkyfor drying boiled paddy.


De-stoner machine and paddy separator machine is imported from Satake International, a Japan based company. Satake is synonymous with rice milling. Rubber Sheller and other polishers are purchased from Milltech Machinery Pvt Ltd., a leading manufacturer of rice processing machinery in India. Fine cleaner is purchased from FawlerWestrup India Pvt. Ltd.


Rice sorter machine is of Buhler Sortex Ltd. make and imported from UK. It determines the purity of input product with exceptional accuracy within a split second. On the basis of colour, shape or other optical properties, defective items and foreign material are identified and separated from the product stream.


Automatic packing machine manufactured by Sri L automation Bangalore is used for packing of rice. Rice is packed in varying quantities to suit to customer needs. Accurate and precision weighing is possible in this machine.

Water treatment plant

A well designed ETP plant is installed in the industry premises to treat the effluentdischargeof the industry. The whole design and plant is made by GreetechEnviro Solutions,Mangalore, a reputed industry engaged in treatment of waste water. Treated water is used for irrigation and gardening in the industry premises.